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BroadBand Internet Services

1. Broadband Application Form

2. Post Paid Surety Form

3. Renewal Form

4. Broadband Modem Warranty Form

5. Postpaid Migration Form

6.Prepaid Migration Form

7.Broadband postpaid surrender Form

8.Reconnection form

Dial Up Internet Services Form

This service is now free. All you have to do is register an account and you will only be charged for the local phone rate!


1. Computer (486 and above)
2. Phone Line
3. Modem (any standard brand)

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Dedicated Internet Lease Lines

This service is for for big offices and organizations who host their own website and need a dedicated internet circuit.


1. Router (Provided by Customer)
2. 4 wire local line (Provided by DrukNet)
3. Customer can buy their own Lease Line modems (CSU/DSU) or they can buy modems from DrukNet. DrukNet will not provide maintenace support for the CSU/DSU procured by the customer.

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Read/ Download lease line service agreement

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

There’s a single form for both domain registration and web hosting. However it does not mean you need to take both the services!

1. Wecome Pack
2. Download the form

Mail Hosting

This service is for companies who would like to have their own email address (for e.g. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Download the form

IP-VPN Services

Secure and efficient… IP VPN is the way for those who would like a secure links between their various branches!

Download the application form

Technical Consultancy

To be filled in the the concerned staff when visiting customer premises.

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Web Advertisements

Description: Various advertisement schemes offered by DrukNet.

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Point to Point Leased Lines

Dedicated Point to Point Leased Lines for data transmission. Please note that with this service Internet access will not be provided. You need to apply for an Internet Lease Line to avail such service.

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AUPs, Service Agreements etc

Description: AUPs, Service Agreements such as Terms and Conditions for Domain Registration, Web Hosting etc

Read/Download AUP

Internet Security Policy

Customers of DrukNet services are advised to read the following Internet Security Policy to ensure best practices for SAFE internet usage.

Read/Download Internet Security Policy

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