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Turn off the regular ‘tring tring’ caller ring back tune and turn on your favorite songs for your friends to listen when they call you.

You can activate you service through SMS/IVR or Btunes Portal.


You can now subscribe to Btunes Porta l online.
1) Send “btunes portal” to 5050.
2) Go to Btunes portal

You can activate your service through SMS or IVR.Procedures are given below:

a) SMS to 5050:

  1. Btunes On // Send this SMS to 5050 to activate CRBT on your number.
  2. Btunes Off // To turn off the or unregister the CRBT
  3. Btunes tone_ID // To change the ring back tone e.g. “btunes 10”
  4. Btunes Copy mobile_number // to copy someone else’s ring back tone e.g. btunes copy 17001002
  5. Btunes gift tone_id mobile_number //to gift a new tone to your friend e.g. btunes gift 10 17001002
  6. Btunes View // to view the status of tone
  7. Btunes Help // For help

b) IVR

  1. Call short code 5050 and follow instructions
  2. Press 1 to set English as default language and 2 for Dzongkha
  3. Press 1 to copy friends caller tune or to register new user
  4. Press 2 to listen to RAP and R&B titles
  5. Press 3 to listen to Rock
  6. Press 4 to listen to 70s and 80s classic
  7. Press 5 to listen to techno house and dance
  8. Press 6 to listen to classical and folk
  9. Press 7 to listen to TV theme and music
  10. Press 8 to listen to Reggae
  11. Press 9 to listen to Parody




How to turn on Multi Tone feature:
Send EMT to 5050
(EMT=Enable Multi tone)
(With EMT feature a Btunes user will be able to purchase 5 tones of any category(Dzongkha,English. etc).  If the user tries to add the 6th tone, the system will send error message of limit exceeded. The user will have to delete one of the existing tone and add the new one.)

How to view the list of tones tone Purchased:
Send BTUNES VIEW to 5050.
( A SMS will display all the purchased tones)

How to delete a tone:
Send DELRBT to 5050

How to disable multi tone feature:
Send DMT to 5050
(DMT =disable multi tone)
When a Btunes user send DMT the user will fall back to the single tone user and the latest tone (out of five) will be set as the ring back tone and rest of the tones will be deleted.



Sl No Charges Rates(in NU)
1 IVR call charge to 5050 1
2 Per day subscription charge 1/day
3 Content download(copy,gift & change) 5/song
4 SMS to 5050 0


Send short text messages to communicate with your family, friends and colleagues in an affordable and reliable way. This service is available to all B-Mobile users. Each text message can contain 160 characters (including space). Any message containing more characters than this limit will be sent as two or more messages provided the handset is capable of it.

The charges for SMS are as follows:

1. To India : NU 5 per message

2. International (excluding India ) : NU 10 per message

The Revised SMS Tariff with effect from 1st of Feb 2011

Off-net: Nu. 0.70 per SMS

On-net : Nu. 0.45 per SMS

*Please note that tariff revision is applicable for both prepaid and postpaid. Also note that the SMS rate for international SMS will remain unchanged


By default the SMS message center is configured on your SIM card. However, if you have problems sending SMS from your handset check the SMS center number to see if it is configured properly.
Step 1: Go to the messages option on your mobile phone
Step 2: Select the Message Settings Option
Step 3: Select the Message Centre Number Option
Step 4: The number should be +975 1700 9997
Step 5: If another number is displayed, enter +975 1700 9997.


With CLIP (Caller Line Identification Presentation), your display panel on the phone shows the number of the caller on the screen, enabling you to identify the caller. This service is provided free of cost.
Here’s what you’ll see when you receive a call:
From a fixed line phone: (Area Code) (Phone number) e.g. 02322221
From another B-Mobile phone: + (country code) (B-Mobile Number) e.g. +97517113010
If the mobile number is stored on your handset or SIM, then you will see the name of the person calling you.
There may be occasions when the number of the incoming caller may not appear.
This happens because this service also depends on whether the caller id is passed on by the exchanges through which the call is routed. It could also occur when the calling party has enabled the CLIR feature.


The CLIR (Caller Line Identification Restriction) feature can restrict your mobile number from being displayed on the receiver’s phone. You can keep your number confidential with this feature. To enable this feature you will have to subscribe to this product and then enable it from your handset.

This service is charged Nu. 100/- per month and is available to only postpaid subscribers.


With Call Forward/Divert, you can divert an incoming call to another cell phone or even a landline number. You can divert your calls UNCONDITIONALLY when all calls are diverted by default without ringing or CONDITIONALLY when phone is busy, switched off or outside coverage area or there is no reply.

You can activate call divert by using the menu function of the handset.

Note: All call diverts are charged as normal outgoing calls. This service is available only to postpaid calls. Prepaid users can only divert calls to their Voice Mailbox.


This service enables you to speak to two callers, one at a time, without hanging up on either one of them. When this service is activated, the network notifies you of a incoming call while you have a call in progress. If another person tries calling you midway through a conversation you will hear beeps at intervals to alert you of the incoming call.

You can accept the second call while putting the first call on hold.
To activate this service, call 1600 or inform our counters. You will also need to activate Call Wait option from your handset.

Note: Call waiting service is available only to the postpaid users.
Form for Call hold call wait service

call waiting service is available only to the postpaid users.


This feature allows you to talk to more than TWO PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME. It is ideal for group discussions and chatting with a number of friends at the same time.

Each call is charged for the time spent on hold and in conference. The person initiating the conversation will be billed for the calls at the applicable charges. This service can be used only if you have activated Call Waiting, Call Hold and Multi Party Call features. The handset in use must also support this service.

If someone wants to opt out of the conversations they simply have to disconnect the call

Missed Call Alert

Is a service that keeps you informed of calls you’ve missed when your phone is either switched off or out of reach. With MCA you will be notified through SMS of all important calls that you have missed as soon as your phone is switched on or as you return to the network.

Tweeting Through SMS

B-Mobile subscribers can now send/receive tweets through SMS.

To subscribe:

1. Create a twitter account on
2. Go to settings>Mobile and add your mobile number
3. Send tweets to 40404

Note : Regular SMS charge (Nu. 0.45) apply for sending tweets via SMS

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