3G & 4G


Bhutan Telecom Limited launched the trial service for GPRS & EDGE on 5th April 2008 and 3G on 21st April, 2008. The commercial launch was held on 5th May, 2008.

Basic Handset Configuration

    1. Call 1600 or visit any BTL counter and activate 3G on your number
    2. For Android Devices:
      1. Go to network settings on your phone and select mobile networks
      2. Add access point and fill in the details as shown below
        1. Name : Give connection a name (it can be anything): example BTL
        2. APN : internet
        3. Authentication Type : PAP or CHAP
      3. Save the access point and select the access point

Note : The handset configuration might differ depending on model and manufacturer of handset.

Average Speed

The average speed for 3G/GPRS & EDGE are as follows:

  • For GPRS data service, the data speed range is from 30kbps to 40kbps
  • For EDGE data service, the data speed range is from 100kbps to 130 kbps
  • For 3G data service, the data speed range is from 550kbps to 1mbps


Bhutan Telecom’s 4G (LTE) service was launched on the 24th of October, 2013.

LTE was launched in Thimphu, Thimphu being the nation’s one of the most valuable data markets. 4G service operates in 1800 MHz (band 3) with Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) technology. This band was chosen since it is widely adopted by most Southeast Asian Countries which means that dongles and other devices like phones could be easily available in the market. But customers are advised to check with their vendors if their gadgets support this frequency band before availing 4G service. Some examples of gadgets that can support this service are Sony Z, HTC one, Nokia Lumia-920 and iPad mini among others.

4G Locations

4G is available for use in the following locations:


Jambay Lhakhang, Jog

2. Dagana

Daga chuu


Gasa Exchange

4. Gelephu
Namkhaling, Rabdeyling, Zomlingthang, Sarpang Exchange, Sarpang Town, Pelrithang

5.Haa Exchange


Lhuntse Kakaling

7. Mongar

Chali Top, Gyelposhing, Muhung,Lingmethang,khosala

8. Paro
Paro Exchange, Woochu, Ramthangkha, Kangku, Ngoba, NIE, Bazar Roof Top, Olathang, Lango, Shari, Satsam, Shaba, Drugyel, Bondey, Dotey,Pangbisa


Nganglam Town, Tshenkhari, Pemagatshel Exchange

10. Phuentsholing
Phuentsholing Exchang, YDF, MSD. Pling, Pasakha Exchange, Dantak, CST, P/ling Town, RBA, RRCO, Omchu, Gedu, Niduptse (Tshimsham Exchange), Arikha, Torsa ,Rinchentse, Wangdi Gatshel

11. Punakha
Chhimi Lhakang, Punakha Dzong, Khuruthang, Daligonpa

12. Samtse
Samtse Exchange, Samtse town, Tendu, Sipsu, Gomtu exchange

13. Samdrup Jongkhar

Samdrup Choling, Dewathang, SJK Exchange, Tashi Pokto, Jomotdhankha

Kasarapchu, changjiji DGPC, Dochula, DHI, Changdzonxhu, Changlam, Babesa, Termalingka, Kuenselphodrang, Changlam square, Sunshine, IT Park, Changzamtok1, Changzamtok2, Exchange, Lower Mothithang, Honda Show Room, Dechenphodrang, Upper Mothithang, RTC, Rinchen School, Langjophakha, VVIP, Simtokha, Hospital, Taba, Pamtsho, NPPF, YDF,Dechencholing Darina,Jemina, Olakha, Thai Temple, Kabesa, Town Near BOD, Lungtenphu, Zangtopelri, Begana, Upper Simtokha(on the way to Wangdue), Zilukha

15. Trashigang
Kanglung Exchange, Trashigang Exchange, Bidung, kanglung mersham, Merak


Trashiyangtsi exchange

17. Trongsa
Tangsibji Hydro Office, Trongsa Town near Taa Dzong,Bubja

18. Tsirang

Tsirang PC, Damphu Town

19. Wangdue
Rinchen Gang, Bajo, Wangdue exchange, Sath kilo, Jaregang, Samtengang

20. Zhemgang

Zhemgang Exchange, Yebilabtsa
















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