BT Guide (Traveller’s best friend in Bhutan)

BT Guide is a device (mobile phone) designed for tourists visiting Bhutan. The service will offer location based information to the tourist to enrich their experience. BT Guide will contain information on historic sites; portray cultures and traditions of Bhutan and any other information that a tourist is looking for. Besides providing insights about Bhutan, the device will also offer a platform for the tourist to make calls and use internet facilities if they wish to. The device also has a guide call button where the tourist can press the button to alert his/her guide in case they get lost.


Customers have the choice to either rent BT Guide on monthly basis or buy the device. The rates are as follows:

Nu.3,000/- per month with one free prepaid SIM and a free mobile handicraft pouch. 10% commission will be provided on the   rental amount.

Nu.16,500/- with one free prepaid SIM and a free device handicraft pouch .

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