Internet Leased Line

Internet leased line is a dedicated permanent connection to the Internet which is always available 24/7 for a flat monthly fee. An organization can share Internet leased line connection within its computer network (LAN), so all computers can connect to the Internet – to provide cheaper communication facilities and enhance work productivity.


With this Package, your organization will be permanently connected to the Internet with a dedicated circuit providing you with unlimited access time. You can run your own online services including web and emails. The minimum subscription/contract period for the leased line 12 months (i.e. 1 year) from the date of activation.

Pricing and Packages

  1. A physical last mile set up fee of NU 3000/- will be charged for availing the Internet leased line facility irrespective of the Leased Line connectivity speed.
  2. For customers who avail the Leased line service via wireless, a rental of NU 500/- per month will be charged for the wireless CPE.
  3. The Leased Line shifting charge is NU 2000.

Monthly Internet lease line tariff:

Speed (Bandwidth) Monthly Recurring Charge (BTN)
Up to 512 Kbps 7000
Up to 1 Mbps 9,477
Up to 2 Mbps 17,858
Up to 3 Mbps 26,239
Up to 4 Mbps 34,620
Up to 5 Mbps 43,001
Up to 6 Mbps 51,382
Up to 7 Mbps 59,763
Up to 8 Mbps 68,144
Up to 9 Mbps 76,255
Up to 10 Mbps 84,906
Up to 11 Mbps 93,287
Up to 12 Mbps 101,668
Up to 13 Mbps 110,049
Up to 14 Mbps 118,430
Up to 15 Mbps 126,811
Up to 20 Mbps 168,716
Up to 25 Mbps 210,621
Up to 30 Mbps 252,526
Beyond 30 Mbps 8,415 for every 1 Mbps additional

On the joyous occasion of the birth of His Royal Highness the Gyalsey, bonus will be offered on the bandwidth to both existing and new leased line customers as follows w.e.f 1st March, 2016.

Bandwidth Bandwidth Bonus
2-10 Mbps 20% additional bandwidth on the subscribed bandwidth
11-20 Mbps 30% additional bandwidth on the subscribed bandwidth
21 Mbps & Beyond 40% additional bandwidth on the subscribed bandwidth

IP Address Allocation

We also allocate IP addresses to customers based upon their requirement. Request for IP address must be justified before the allocation can be made.

Annual recurring fee of NU 75/- per IP address for both existing and new leased line customers.

To avail Leased Line & IP Address services, you will need to fill up a form and submit it to the nearest Telecom Exchange counter.

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