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B-Krita is a gaming portal which has more than 500 different games aggregated to a single platform and provided to our subscribers on a single interface. These games do not have advertisements, registration requirement to individual game and do not have to wait for updates or share the links to get access to advance levels. Once the users are subscribed to the services they can access the game portal from anywhere and at any time. There are flexible subscription plans such as daily, weekly and monthly which are designed keeping in view the current trends. The subscription can be purchased using main balance or through B-Wallet and B-Ngul services. The games are educative, entertaining and knowledge oriented for all categories of ages. There are also parental controls which would enable parents to keep track of what their kids are playing and the durations. Most importantly, these games are reviewed and approved by our regulatory authority prior to our launching today. We have put in extra effort to make sure only good games are provided through our own infrastructure with assured quality and user security without any malicious links to compromise their privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions for B-Krita

“KRITA Games” is a subscription club for Mobile games. For a fixed and attractive fee, you get unlimited access to hundreds of the best games.

Enter subscribe button on our landing page or click on our game link and follow the on-screen instruction. Or click on http://sub.krita.bt or to subscribe using B-Ngul for Daily send “1”, for Weekly  “2″, or Monthly “3” to 2030, to Subscribe using Talktime balance for Daily send “4”, for Weekly “5” or for Monthly  “6” to 2030

Prepaid user can use both Talktime and B-Ngul while Postpaid can only use B-Ngul

The payment is made Daily, Weekly & Monthly through subscription. It will be as follow:




– IOS Users: Click on “KRITA Games” link, then click on the icon of the arrow, then a window of many options will appear (Add to reading list, add bookmark, add to favorites, add to home screen etc.

– Android Users: Click on “KRITA Games” link, then click on the 3 dots figuring on the right side on the top of the screen, then a window of many options appear such as add to home screen, or click on the star on top to be added to favorites

You are welcome to play any of the games as many times as you want 24 h/day, 7 d/Week

All games are unlocked with all levels available.

To unsubscribe please click on http://sub.krita.bt/unsubscribe or send SMS “unsubscribe” to 2030 or you can go to the “Your Profile page” click on Edit Profile and then on the Unsubscribe button to cancel your subscription.

Games are associated with the subscription, if you cancel the subscription; you can no longer use Games’ Link

You can reach us through the “Contact Us” contact form. Once you have clicked on the link, you will be taken to the page containing the contact form. Simply fill out the contact form and submit and we will contact you regarding your query or send an email to 1600@bt.bt.