10% bonus on B-Ngul

We are offering 10% bonus on every recharge through B-Ngul for mobile voice and data services w.e.f 8 th March 2021 till 31st March 2022.

B-Ngul- It’s more than a wallet!

Note: From B-Ngul, B-Wallet via BNBL and BDBL it is free.

B-Ngul is a mobile financial solution which can be accessed by downloading the My BT app or by dialing *111# or *555# USSD code. The service is mainly intended for those without a bank account to enable them to smoothly carry out financial transactions by using their mobile phones.

Any customer who has a B-mobile number can register for B-Ngul service. Registration can be completed by filling out a  Form or by collecting a hard copy from a BT counter near you. Forms can be submitted at any of our counters. You can also register for B-Ngul online through the link: https://www.vas.bt

  • Prepaid top up for mobile and broadband.
  • Fund transfer with B-Ngul account holders and from B-Ngul account holders to others.
  • Bill payment for all BT Postpaid services – Mobile, Broadband & Fixed line.
  • BPC electricity bill payment.
  • Cash in and cash out – Cash deposit to B-Ngul and cash out from B-Ngul can be done by visiting any of our BT counters or you can also transfer to and from your registered bank account.
  • No hassle to look for physical voucher or eLoad.
  • Convenient to recharge anytime and anywhere, wherever there is a mobile service coverage.
  • Easy bill pay option without the need to visit BT office or BPC office.
  • Transfer money to your loved ones near and far.
  • Most importantly, you do not need a bank account or internet connection to use B-Ngul.

We have plans to include more features in the future such as merchant payment – where customers can do shopping as well as other utility bill payment options.