3G/4G Offload

3G/4G Offload

Bhutan Telecom’s WiFi Solution has been introduced in an effort to de-congest its 3G/4G network.
BT will be providing BT Wi-Fi service in two forms, BT Offload and BT-WiFi. BT Offload is a Wi-Fi service where existing B-Mobile customers will be able to use their existing mobile balance for internet access while in BT-Wi-Fi, a subscriber (non B-Mobile subscriber/B-Mobile subscriber) will be able to use BT Wi-Fi for internet access via vouchers/data pass.


In BT-Offload, when a 3G/4G user of BT enters a WiFi hotspot zone, the user is automatically handed over to the WiFi network which in turn frees up the 3G/4G capacity for others outside these hotspots. When the user exits the WiFi hotspot zone, the user is automatically handed back to the 3G/4G network.


a)Click here to download directions for Android device OR simply download an app by clicking here

b) For iPhone Configuration file, you first need to download the configuration file and follow the directions given.

– Click here to download the configuration file
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The packages for the customers using BT-Offload service remains the same as the existing data packages for B-Mobile Prepaid and Postpaid customers.


In BT-Wifi, users will be able to access the internet based on the type of packages they opt for.


You will be able to use the BT-WiFi service using our data pass available via B-Wallet or in our BT counters which will be made available soon.

a) Click here to download directions for vouchers via B-Wallet


A customer will be able to access the internet using voucher purchased through B-Wallet/bought from BT counters (will be made available soon). The data packages are available as follows:

Si.No Name Price (Nu) Validity Per Unit(/kb)
1 1 Day Pass 20 1 Day 0.000195
2 3 Days   Pass 60 3 Days 0.000195
3 Week Pass 100 7 Days 0.000195
4 Month Pass 200 1 Month 0.000191
5 Family Pass 500 1 Month 0.000095


BT WiFi hotspots  have been deployed in the following locations:

01. Thimphu

a) JDWNRH Area
b) Main Traffic Area ( Norzin Lam)
c) BoB counter/My Mart
d) Bhutan Post/BNB premise
e) Memorial Chorten
f) Tango Monastery
g) BoB Citibank Branch
h) Changlam Plaza
i) DHI Area
j) Near Changangkha Lhakhang
k) Institute of Traditional Medicine
l) Centenary Farmer’s Market
m) Centenary Children’s Park
o) Ata Khangzang Building
q) Changjiji
s) BT Campus
t) Taba BNB Office/Taba
u) Semtokha/Olakha
v) YDF

02. Phuntsholing
a) Central Hotel
b) RSTA – Bus Stand
c) General Hospital
d) NPPF Colony

03. Chukha
a) Chukha Dzong
b) BoBL Branch Office (Tsimasham)
c) Chukha Exchange
d) Tsimasham Exchange
e) Gedu College of Business Studies
f) Tsimasham Town

04. Gelephu
a) CRRH Hospital Area
b) RSTA/Booking Area
c) BTL Area
d) RICBL Area
e) Gelephu Exchange

05. Trongsa
a) BTL Office
b) Jaypee DAM(Block A & C)
c) Jaypee DAM medical clinic
d) BDBL Counter
e) BNB Counter
f) Lunch Point Restaurant
g) Jamtsho Snooker Room
h) Tashi Delek Restaurant
i) NRDCL Office
j) In front of BNB office
k) BOB Counter
l) Pema Tshongkha
m) Phuntsho Pelri Hotel
n) Bus Booking
o) TD sales
p) Thruepang Parking
q) Vegetable Market
r) Ugyen Choling Hotel
s) Deki General Shop
t) In front of Mekha Enterprise
u) Sonam Norphel Hotel
v) Rabten Enterprise
w) In front of Tshela Tshongkhag
x) Hospital Area

06. Jakar
a) BTL Exchange
b) Mini Mart

07. Samtse
a) BT Campus
b) Ice Beverage
c) Check Post
d) BPC Colony

08. Haa
a) Haa Exchange
b) BOB Office
c) Dzongkhag Administration Block
d) Upper Market Parking
e) BDBL Office vicinity
f) RSTA/Post Office
g) BNB Area
h) Taxi parking

09. Punakha
a) Punakha Exchange
b) Khuruthang NGN Building

10. Trashigang
a) BTL exchanges and office
b) Hospital area
c) RSTA(Bus Terminal)
d) Hospital Ground Floor(OPD)
e) Hospital Middle Floor(Wards)
f) Kanglung Shedra
g) Sherubtse College upper market Girls hostel
h) Khaling RNR Center
i) Gyem Tshering Building, Khaling Bazar
j) Lobzang General Shop, Khaling Bazar
k) NID road Junction, Khaling Bazar
l) Guru Building Left & Right, Khaling Resident
m) Pema Wangdi Buidling, Khaling Resident

11. Bumthang
a) Sonam Hotel
b) Zinthar Shop
c) Kumar Shop
d) Mongarpa Shop
e) Hospital

12. Zhemgang
a) Hotel Valley View
b) TYP Hotel

13. Dagana
a) BOB Dagapela
b) Dagapela Town
c) Dagapela Hospital

14. Damphu
a) Damphu Exchange
b) IT Building
c) DAO Building
d) Kishore Building
e) BOB Damphu

15. Samdrup Jongkhar/Jomotshankkha
a) RBA Office
b) Tashi Delek Tshongkhag
c) Lhadrup Building
d) Housing
e) Jomotshankha Middle Secondary schoolf) Jomotshankha Guest House
g) BHU
h) Drungkhag
i) BHU
k) Choden Micro
l) BTL Office

16. Pemagatshel
a) BTL Office
b) Building below BT Office

17. Mongar
a) DOR Office, Lingmithang
b) CDCL Office , Lingmithang
c) Mathang Hotel, Lingmithang
d) Kezang Building, Lingmithang
e) Gyelposhing BTL Exchange
f) Mongar BTL Exchange

18. Lhuntse
a) Phayul Resort, Autsho
b) Yong Enterprise, Autsho
c) Forest Office, Autsho
d) AE Building, Austho
e) Teachers Quarter, Autsho
f) VP quarter, Autsho
g) Meat Shop, Autsho
h) Tshomo Tshongkhang, Autshoi) BHU Colony/Office, Autsho
j) DOR Office, Autsho