Domain Registration

Domain Registration


  1. Individuals: A valid trade license if you are applying for domain names for your company to protect the copy right law, or your company’s name being registered by other.
  2. Organizations and government offices: A signed letter from the head of the organization/office as proof for the domain being registered.

Procedures & Rates (National)

  1. Fill up the domain registration form and submit it at the nearest Telecom Exchange counter.
  2. Domain Registration Level Rates
    *Nu. 1000 per year for 2nd level domain registration
    *Nu. 500 per year for 3rd level domain registration.

Procedures & Rates (International)

  1. International companies can register for a .bt domain in your company’s name by providing proof of documents qualifying for registration such as a registered trade license along with an application with the company’s letterhead and seal.
  2. We accept the domain name abbreviation of the company.
  3. The minimum number of character accepted for a domain name is three.
  4. To secure a domain name, domain name can be registered with multiple extensions (– .bt , , , etc.)
  5. Domain Registration Level Rates
    *USD 100 per year for 2nd level domain (exclusive of bank charges).
    *USD 75 per year for 3rd level domain (exclusive of bank charges).

Domain Forwarding

  1. Customers who have a registered .bt domain can host websites outside (other service providers in the country as well as internationally).
  2. Tariff
    *NU 1000 per year